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Jesus Cares Family

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An outreach to the homeless living on the streets of Manila.

Made up of members of different prayer groups in the City, they come together to pray and deepen their relationship and love for God. The outreach to the homeless families on the streets is a natural extension or product of that growth.

There are a great many suffering hardship on the cities streets; perhaps just falling on hard times or arriving from the countryside to seek a better life and finding instead unemployment and a few square feet of sidewalk as a home.

Just before Christmas the group received a consignment of clothing and blankets from friends in the USA which have been distributed (See video via the links page) and now they hope to continue with regular distribution of things like toiletries, basic medicines and other essentails.

The video, mentioned above is set to a sountrack with the words...Let My light shine through you, so they may know me...and later ...Let your words ring true before men...Knowing many of the people involved in this project, I think this lyric encaptulates precisely what they are about.

Any cash donations you give towards this, as with all other projects, will be forwarded 100% intact , to the group so they can buy items locally and expand their work.

Every pound will make a difference.

Please help.

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